Here is a quick blurb from my friends over at the App-V Blog. Please check out link for full details on release:


Focus Areas

In case you are not familiar with our focus areas for App-V 4.5, this is what we chose to focus on for the release as a whole:

· Dynamic Virtualization allows the flexibility to control virtual application interaction. Administrators wanting to consolidate virtual environments, and enable faster, easier administration, can use the product’s Dynamic Suite Composition, which sequences and manages middleware and plug-in applications separately from the main application.

· Extended Scalability through new deployment options, including deployments that leverage MSI-based package deployment, our new Streaming Server component, file streaming and HTTP streaming.

· Internationalization, including support for packaging non-English language applications (except for complex script languages), using the product on non-English language operating systems and the localization of the product into several additional languages.

· Support for Microsoft Security Standards following the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. This includes support for secure internet-facing scenarios and provides Secure by Default configuration out of the box.


How to download the RC

Anyone may download the RC via the Microsoft Connect site ( If you are not already signed in with your Windows Live ID once you are at the site’s homepage, click Sign In. If you have previously visited the Microsoft Connect site for the “Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Public Beta”, look in the Activity in All Connections Since Your Last Login section under Your Dashboard and then click Microsoft Application Virtualization. If you have not previously visited the Microsoft Connect site for the “Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Public Beta”, click Connection Directory and then click Apply Now next to the Application Virtualization 4.5 Public Beta listing. In the left navigation bar, click Downloads and then look for the link to the RC release download. Please make sure to read the Release Notes and Known Issues documents before installing the product.