Here's an interesting MDM issue I ran across the other day.  If you're seeing the same package being installed again and again and again on your device then this may be what you're running up against:


Issue: A software package may be installed every time a device connects to a System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 server. The user of the device may also notice multiple entries for a software package under Managed Programs.

Cause: If a managed Windows Mobile powered device is offered a software package through the MDM Software distribution console and the device installs the package, under certain conditions the status for the installation may not be received by the MDM server.  If this occurs, the software package is re-offered to the device and the device reinstalls it. The result is that the user may see the package installed multiple times and multiple entries for the package may appear in the Managed Programs history on the device.

This issue can occur if the cab being installed reboots the device without prompting the user because the device goes offline after installing the software but before the next OMA session connection. The default OMA session connection interval (ConnectInterval value) is eight hours, so if the device then stays offline for longer than the software package re-offer period, MDM software distribution offers the package to the device again the next time that the device connects. The default setting for the re-offer period (ReofferPeriodInDays value) is seven days.

Resolution: To resolve this problem please work with provider to repackage the cab so that it will prompt the user before rebooting the device.


J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer