Problem description: You have got odd number of nodes. To prevent possible ties in the quorum vote you added a witness disk to the cluster and adjusted the quorum mode in the cluster manager.

However, when you perform a failover from SSMS on our SQL Server 2012 Availability group, we got a validation WSFC quorum vote configuration warning with action required

Error message: The current WSFC cluster quorum vote configuration is not recommended for this availability group.




Cause: This issue occurs because of a known issue in Windows Server Failover Clustering.



Resolution: To resolve this issue, you have to apply the hotfix below  on all computers node of your cluster:


A hotfix is available to let you configure a cluster node that does not have quorum votes in Windows Server 2008 and in Windows Server 2008 R2


Current status: After applied the fix, you should see that the warning is vanished.




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