Last stored procedures updated with SQL Server Management Studio 2008

I would like to share with you a new feature that I found out by using SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

With SQL Server 2005, I used to run the query below to get the list of the stored procedure whom modified by the developper recently.

, [object_id], [create_date], [modify_date]
= 'P' AND [object_id] > 0

System view : sys.all_objects


Now, with SQL Server Management Studio 2008, we can customize the Object Explorer Details window by adding and removing the columns you wish to see. To add and remove columns from the Object Explorer Details window, right-click an existing column and check or uncheck columns from the context menu as shown in the following image.

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio 2008

Step 2: Click on view >> Object explorer details

Step 3: In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of Database Engine and then expand that instance

Step 4: Expand Databases, expand your database, then expand Programmability. And click on Stored procedures


Server Management Studio last stored procedure updated

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