Installation step by step of SQL Server 2008 clustering on Windows 2008
    Step 1 : Validation wizard
    Step 2 : Pre-check
    Step 3 : Installation of the first node
    Step 4 : Add a new node
    Step 5: Apply a service pack or hotfix on a SQL cluster

1. Pre-check the system to be ready for setup procedure :

 Stop anti-virus
 Perform a failover test by Moving disk resource
  Configure a Windows Firewall for Database Engine Access
 Creating service accounts for SQL and SQL Agent
  The node [NODE1]  is started
  The node [NODE2]  is started
  The shared storage system is started
 A domain controller is available

2. Prerequisites

The. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Windows Installer 4.5 are required components to install SQL2008. ( )

Installation of SQL Server 2008 clusters on Windows 2008

Download :
- Framework 3.5   or from SQL installation's CD inside  /redist/DotNetFrameworks
- Windows installer 4.5

3. Setup Support Files : Run setup installation of  SQL server

click on "New SQL Server Failover Cluster Installation"

SQL server 2008 cluster failover
Sur la page du Setup Support Files, cliquez sur "Install" pour installer les support Files.
SQL server 2008 cluster failover

3. The System Configuration Checker runs a discovery operation on your computer. To continue, click "OK".  

SQL Server 2008 cluster failover
You can view the details on the screen by clicking "Show Details", or as an HTML report by clicking "View detailed report".

SQL server 2008 cluster failover

SQL Server 2008 cluster failover

Correct problems that are carryovers from the list of rules. Errors are blocking, but not warnings. A good practice is to correct all errors and warnings.

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