TechNet Presents: MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture session 9 – SharePoint as the Strategic Platform for the Enterprise

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This session in the “MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture” series will give an MCS perspective on how SharePoint can be exploited as a collaboration-application platform  to drive change and improve information-worker productivity within an enterprise.  We will begin with an overview of the SharePoint 2007 platform as a whole, before moving to look as certain areas – including Collaboration, and Business Process Management – and show how these can be established on such a shared services architecture, enabling an enterprise to delegate control to users whilst providing global benefits such as enterprise-wide search and user-directory visibility while at the same time ensuring best practice and proper governance. We will look at how SharePoint’s architecture can flex – scale out, scale up – to meet your business’ requirements – and show how you can exploit such a broad platform without losing control of it in the process.