Following on from a couple of really interesting sessions around security and identity we’re changing focus now with the next two sessions being on Desktop Deployment and Configuration Management.

TechNet Presents: MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture Session 6 – Desktop Deployment

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Join consultants from Microsoft’s Consulting Services for the 6th session in the MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture series.  In this session we’ll discuss our approach to deploying a new desktop to an enterprise environment. We’ll discuss desktop deployment strategies and technologies including the importance of understanding your existing infrastructure and some of the options for auditing your current environment. We’ll also cover some important considerations for preparing your infrastructure for a desktop deployment, what technologies are available and how to best to implement them to support an enterprise deployment. Finally we’ll wrap up the session by having a brief look at the multitude of virtualization technologies and how they can be used to simplify and accelerate a deployment project.

TechNet Presents: MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture Session 7 – Configuration Management

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This, the 7th session in the MCS Talk Infrastructure Architecture series will focus on Configuration Management. The session will look at the importance of Configuration Management and the role it plays in maintaining a reliable computing environment. We’ll cover the various aspects of Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 that you should think about utilising and why these are important to an enterprise. Then the remainder of the session will focus on the architectural options available for deploying Configuration Manager 2007. We’ll consider the options for server role placement, discussing how communication between different server roles may affect a design and consider the architectural options for supporting a disperse infrastructure, desktop deployments, remote locations and internet based clients.