TechNet Presents: MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture – session 1, Infrastructure Architecture Overview

This first session will introduce the “MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture” webcast series, giving an overview of the series and what’s to come.  We will then move in to an overview session looking at the general architecture strategies of specific technology areas, such as adopting Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and show some real benefits from their deployment.  Datacentre consolidation is also a serious consideration for many so we’ll be looking how Microsoft Hyper-V and the System Center suite of tools can be used to accelerate this and ensure long term reliability from this approach.  Finally we’ll cover some of the other virtualization strategies we’re seeing, such as when and why we would look to virtualize particular workloads, how virtualization can support branch office models and remote working and finally Microsoft overall virtualization storey, including Presentation and Application virtualization.