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  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010 Address List Segregation and Current Support Stances

    Critical update from Dave regarding Exchange 2010 Address List segregation and our current support statement. Read the details at
  • Blog Post: Robert's Rules of Exchange: Namespace Planning

    Copied from . Many thanks for Robert Gillies Overview Robert's Rules of Exchange is a series of blog posts in which we take a fictitious company, describe their existing Exchange implementation, and then walk you through the design, installation...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010: Proxy or Redirect?

    In Exchange 2007 we introduced the concept of proxying and redirection to manage the multi sites deployments (Internet facing & Non-Internet facing). In transitioning to Exchange 2010 CAS it’s a must now to use a new legacy Exchange environment with a new URL for OWA & EAS “mostly we use legacy...
  • Blog Post: Demystifying Exchange 2010 database availability group (DAG)

    What is a DAG? A database availability group (DAG) is the base component of the high availability and site resilience framework that is built into Exchange 2010. A DAG is a group of up to 16 Mailbox servers that host a set of databases and provide automatic database-level recovery from failures that...
  • Blog Post: Outlook 2007 support for Exchange 2010 personal Archives

    Finally Outlook 2007 now supports Exchange 2010 personal archives, you need to install an update that is now available in December 2010 Cumulative Update for Office 2007 You can read more details at Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Installing Update Rollups on Database Availability Group Members

    Although it’s documented on our TechNet however I always receive a question for how to install a RU on DAG members, so to make it easier here is the simple steps to do so: Use the StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1 script to put the DAG member in maintenance mode Install the update rollup Use the StopDagServerMaintenance...
  • Blog Post: Large Message Processing in Exchange, Part 1: Prevention and Planning

    An Excellent article that you should read at   Thanks Scott Landry , Mohammad Nadeem and Bill Long for this great blog,
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 mailbox server role storage requirements calculator

    We have released our Exchange 2007 storage calculator, get the calculator and the full article at the Exchange team blog
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010 SP1 Software Development Kits

    Hello Exchange Developers! We've just released updated Software Development Kits for Exchange 2010 SP1. If you develop applications for Exchange Server, grab these SDKs from the Download Center. 1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Web Services SDK October 2010 This release of the Exchange 2010 Service...
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 SP1 content is online

    Check Exchange 2007 SP1 technical information at . Lot of new and cool features are there.
  • Blog Post: The Official Stance on Address List Segregation

    Copied from   Since the early days of Exchange Server our customers have used various methods to provide different views of the Global Address List (GAL) to subsets of users within...
  • Blog Post: IMAP Migration FAQ

    A major update for the MS transporter suite is released which supports migration from IMAP/POP servers . It is much more easier to use the suite than using the below hints. Q: Can i migrate...
  • Blog Post: Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 available in Q3 2009

    Key new features of Exchange Server 2007 SP2 unveiled today include: Enhanced Auditing - New Exchange auditing events and audit log repository enable Exchange administrators to more easily audit the activities occurring on their Exchange servers. It allows the right balance of granularity, performance...
  • Blog Post: Outlook stuck on connecting while downloading OAB

    Do you have Exchange 2010 and you face an issue where your Outlook clients stuck on connecting status when they try to download the OAB through web distribution? It seems that this is a common issue and I found that this will happen if you configured IIS redirection to simplify you OWA URL… After configuring...
  • Blog Post: Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 has been released

    We have released Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB 970162) to the download center. The release of the rollup via Microsoft Update will happen on July 28. Read the details at also KB 970162 has more details about this release...
  • Blog Post: Who said that transaction goes from Logs to DB!!!!!

    I've heard lot of discussions going about how Exchange ESE works and that the transactions goes from the Logs to the DB based on the checkpoint depth. I've collected some small info from different sources trying to explain how ESE writes transactions to the DB. The following five subcomponents of ESE...
  • Blog Post: Outlook Anywhere changes in Exchange Server 2007 SP1

    Interesting blog about changes in Outlook Anywhere (RPC/HTTP) in SP1, i recommend reading it at
  • Blog Post: Recommended Exchange 2007 hotfix

    There is a .NET CLR hotfix that has just been released and which is recommended to be applied on every Exchange 2007 server. It is more urgent to apply this on CAS servers with multiple protocols to reduce the memory load noticed on CAS servers with other roles, but in general it is recommended to be...
  • Blog Post: Auto complete, Reply-ability, I need my X500!!!!

    Sometimes i join discussions regarding Exchange cross-org migrations and the most hot topics is always about migration planning, mailboxes content migration, user’s notification, outlook profiles, etc… but what about the below two important points: · Outlook auto complete feature (Automatic...
  • Blog Post: Exchange Server Deployment Assistant

    New deployment assistant is released here Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2007 SP1 ESE Changes - Part 2

    This is part 2 of the very interesting article about the changes in ESE in Exchange 2007 SP1. Highly recommended for reading,
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010 setup wizard

    In this article I’ll give you a tour for the Exchange 2010 setup wizard, if you deployed Exchange 2007 before you will be familiar of the Exchange 2010 setup wizard, if not then here is how it looks: Finally here is the Exchange 2010 EMC. Exchange 2010 setup prerequisites
  • Blog Post: Exchange 2010 DAG Single Copy Alert Script Released

    Exchange team released an important monitoring script called CheckDatabaseRedundancy.ps1 to the Exchange Team blog.  The script monitors the redundancy of replicated mailbox databases in a DAG by validating that there is at least two configured and healthy and current copies, and it generates alert...
  • Blog Post: Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1

    Exchange 2010 SP1 RU1 is released, you can download it from here Note for Forefront users For those of you running Forefront, be sure you perform these important steps from the command...
  • Blog Post: Who said ‘combine VMWare HA with Exchange HA’???

    Great reference post at about misleading VMWare guidance for increasing Exchange HA using their technologies…