QuestvWorkspaceI didn’t intend for the original post on Quest’s excellent vWorkspace technology to lead to a ‘Part 2’ but it seems only fitting, with a raft of useful information that has become available to add to that of the original post!  It was Brian Madden’s post that triggered me into posting, as he showcased a video detailing some of the capabilities of EOP Xtream, but not just on it’s own.  Oh no.  This was in conjunction with RemoteFX.  The same RemoteFX that just became available to everyone, as part of the SP1 beta bits we just announced.

One of the common misconceptions with RemoteFX is that it’s a replacement for RDP.  Wrong.  The best way to think of RemoteFX is it’s a capability.  RDP is a transport, just like EOP Xtream, ICA HDX, Ericom Blaze etc.  So, RemoteFX enhances the actual graphical capabilities of the VM itself, with host-side rendering, and whichever transport you’re using, is what gets the user to their virtual desktop, and what presents that desktop back to the user.  RemoteFX is aimed at LAN scenarios, ideally with latency less than 20ms, but as soon as you go beyond that, especially in WAN scenarios, this is where RemoteFX + RDP starts to suffer.  RemoteFX + EOP Xtream, or ICA HDX is a different story however…

Rather than embed the video, you’ll have to head on over to Brian Madden’s blog post to see it for yourself!  You may have to hold back the giggling when the alarm, followed by country and western music comes on.  You’ll know what I mean when you watch it…If only that music was always available when difficult questions were asked!

Brian certainly thinks it’s cool, and gives his own views on how he thinks EOP Xtream works (seeing as the guys are a bit tight-lipped on the intricacies of it!), which makes for an interesting read.

What about customers running this in real life?

It’s all well and good hearing about features, and capabilities from different companies, but what about those people actually running it, in production?  Wouldn’t it be great to hear from them?  Well, on the 14th July, between 10-11am GMT, you can attend a live webcast where you can hear how Lancashire Police, partnered with Quest, to deliver and manage a virtualised desktop environment with vWorkspace and Hyper-V.  You’ll learn about how the solution enables mobile officers to communicate in real time with the the station’s core systems, without having to return to complete paperwork. This helps improve the officers visibility in the community, and because no data is stored on individual laptops, sensitive information stays secure in a central location.

If you’re interested in attending, you can register here.