Patrick, from the MVUG blog, sent across this beauty.  If you’re working with HP hardware, or thinking about it, then Virtual Connect should already mean something to you!  If you’ve never worked with the hardware before, this this book could be for you! In a nutshell, Virtual Connect is a way of simplifying the connectivity between servers, and the LAN/SAN infrastructure.  Connections are, get this, virtualised (Not in the same league as ‘user state virtualisation!’ ;-)) thus reducing cable count, simplifying management, and with the latest addition, namely, Flex-10, you can increase the number of NICs presented to blades by 4 times, without actually adding any NIC cards, or switches.  Very useful where virtualisation is concerned, where the recommended network configurations suggest in excess of 4 NICs per host to segregate the different types of traffic, yet most blades only allow 2 NICs per blade.  There’s some great info on Flex-10 here, but if you’re interested in this, and more, check out the free eBook.

Download it here!