My to-blog folder is positively brimming with stuff that I want to talk about, but finding the time at the moment is proving mightily difficult!  What with MMS last week (including the awesome demo of SCVMM vNext, long-distance Live Migration, Opalis, Service Manager, Config Manager R3 beta and more!) along with Quest releasing a superb update to vWorkspace, namely version 7.1, and countless products reaching their RTM milestones, I’ve got a lot of blogging to do!  This one however, comes first!


A couple of weeks back, in London, we ran a Virtualisation Summit, at Shepherds Bush cinema.  If you attended the day, I’m sure you’d agree that the content, for the most part, was useful.  Whether you were interested in Microsoft’s all up strategy going forward, desktop optimisation, VDI, virtualisation management, or, toolkits to assist with constructing your own private cloud, it’s clear that there was a lot of information on offer, and it’s always difficult to please everyone.  I would have personally liked to have seen a few more demos, and wow-stuff, kind of like the stuff shown in the MMS keynotes, but hey ho, maybe next time!

If you did attend, you’ll have hopefully seen me present a session, along with Patrick Irwin from Citrix, on “Implementing a Comprehensive VDI Solution”, in which we discussed RDS for VDI, and some of the elements of XenDesktop.  I also discussed some of the value add that Quest offer, with vWorkspace.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the 7.1 release, otherwise I would have squeezed in some other useful titbits of information!  For those that attended, I hope you found my session useful.  I do try and put everything into my sessions, to make them engaging and informative, but I’m always open to feedback to improve!

For those that didn’t attend, or maybe you did, and want a recap, you can now view the session on demand, over at the Virtualisation Summit page.  If you head on over there (or click the image below), click the play button next to my name, and a Silverlight video will start to play.  Unfortunately, there’s no separate download of the underlying WMV file, so it’s in-browser only for now I’m afraid.  Still, the resolution is pretty good, so if you want to go full screen, feel free.  Also, if you want the deck from the day, let me know and I’ll ping you a link.


I hope you enjoy it, and as always, feedback welcome!

There are also other sessions available on demand, from the whole week of TechDays, which you can access, here.