Time Updated - See below! :-) 

You may have noticed there’s a buzz building around the web around this upcoming Desktop Virtualisation hour.  What’s going to be announced?  Who knows!!  I certainly don’t!  Virtualization.info think it’s something to do with Calista, whereas SearchVirtualDesktop think there are license changes afoot, with VECD being the main culprit!  So, do I know what the changes, or announcements will be?  Nope.  In the dark on this one.  You’re going to have to check out the webcast yourself…


On the 18th March, at 4pm GMT (West Coast is now in Pacific Daylight Time, so I was an hour out with my first attempt!) Microsoft, along with industry experts and IT leaders, will be delivering a Desktop Virtualisation hour, trying to articulate the choices customers have, for their desktop strategy going forward.

All you have to do is head over to http://www.desktopvirtualizationhour.com/ at 4pm GMT, and (hopefully), get the information you need.