Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for SharePoint 2007 & 2010

Presenter by Arno Mihm - Friday March 19th @ 17:00 GMT

Virtualizing business critical applications will deliver significant customer benefits including cost savings, enhanced business continuity and an agile and efficient management solution.  This session will focus on virtualizing SharePoint using Microsoft solutions, the benefits over key competitors such as VMware, and guidance for virtualizing SharePoint for Production and Test/Dev scenarios focusing on scale, load balancing, dynamic provisioning and high availability. 

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Extending and Customizing System Center Service Manager 2010

Presented by Travis Wright and Corina Feurstein - Wednesday March 31st @ 7pm GMT

Service Manager 2010 is built on a powerful, mature platform that allows you to easily customize and extend the product to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and partners.  In this session you will learn a wide range of methods for customizing and extending Service Manager including: extending the CMDB model, creating custom forms, templates, workflows, and reports just to name a few.  This is a very technical session - lots of XML and code.

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Implementation, Architecture and Administration of a Service Manager Deployment

Presented by Marc Umeno; Darko Vukovic - Monday April 5th @ 19:00 GMT

Service Manager 2010 is about to RTM!  Are you ready?  Learn how to design a scalable, redundant installation of Service Manager, how to configure the most common settings such as creating notification templates/subscriptions, user roles, configuring workflows, creating templates, customizing lists, and much more.

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Deep Dive - Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for SQL Server

Presented by Arno Mihm and Sung Hsueh

Thursday April 15th @ 18:00 GMT

Curious about running SQL Server using Hyper-V virtualization? Our presentation will provide an in depth discussion of SQL Server performance  inside of a Hyper-V VM based on industry experience and test scenarios as well as demonstrate some of the benefits that can be achieved through virtualization.

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Hyper-V for the VMware Administrator (on demand webcast)

Presented by Nick Smith

If you are a VMware Administrator or you are considering a Virtualization Platform purchase than this session is for you. Using demos we will cover in comparative nature how things are configured within Microsoft Virtualization and highlight the differences in the two platforms.

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