Ages (and I mean ages!) ago, I produced a video on utilising Sanbolic’s Kayo/Melio FS with Hyper-V, as at the time, it was a fantastic way to overcome the 1 LUN per VM scenario that existed with Hyper-V R1 and brought a number of benefits along with it.  Keyo/Melio FS provided the Clustered File System that Windows needed to achieve this, however in 2008 R2, Cluster Shared Volumes was natively introduced, which for many, would lead to questions around whether Sanbolic’s Kayo/Melio FS technologies would offer the same level of value-add to the platform.  Well, according to Aiden’s excellent blog post, there is still significant value-add to be had by adding Sanbolic’s technology to Hyper-V R2, and what’s great about the R2 wave of technology, versus the R1 wave, is that both Hyper-V R2 and SCVMM 2008 R2 understand Melio FS, whereas in R1, SCVMM didn’t get it.

Rather than pinch any of Aiden’s thunder, I’ll let you read his post – very interesting indeed.

Now, how much are Sanbolic shares… ;-)