OK, bit more dramatic than it actually is, but never mind!  There’s lots of industry buzz at the moment around ‘VDI’, or, to elaborate, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, yet is it the right solution for everyone?  Well, there are plenty of benefits to virtualising your desktop OS’s, however it isn’t always the right solution for all types of users.  Some virtualisation vendors would lead you to believe this is the case, yet when all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, all problems do tend to look like nails.

Windows 7 is almost acting as a catalyst right now.  A catalyst for businesses to assess, and define their desktop strategy going forward.  For many, Windows 7 (or a Windows 7-like-experience, (more on this later!)) is the next logical step, but the aspect that’s generating the most head-scratching, is just how we deliver this experience.

So, if you read between the lines above, what I’m getting at is, there is choice.  Choice around the OS we receive.  Choice about how we receive it.  Choice about how we manage and deliver applications and profiles as part of this service.  The key word, time and time again, is choice, which can be a good thing, but also a bad thing.  Choice can lead to confusion, confusion leads to management difficulties, and ultimately, no clear strategy or decision. That is, unless, choice is understood clearly.


On the 18th March, at 5pm GMT Microsoft, along with industry experts and IT leaders, will be delivering a Desktop Virtualisation hour, trying to articulate the choices customers have, for their desktop strategy going forward.  I don’t envy the presenters here, as I regularly talk about our all-up Optimised Desktop strategy, and it takes a good few hours to deliver in such a way that confusion is at a minimum (but that could just be my lack of clarity!)

If you’re interested in understanding the choices you have in front of you, or, frankly, you think the numbers just don’t add up for VDI, you may find this session useful.

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