For those of you in the know, you’ll be aware that, for some time now, we’ve supported SUSE Linux on Hyper-V.  Through our ongoing work and collaboration with Novell, focused on interoperability, joint customers can safely, and in a performant manner, run Novell SUSE Linux on a Hyper-V platform, and Windows Server OS’s, on a SUSE Linux platform.  To enable a more performant, and optimised experience for the Linux OS on Hyper-V, Microsoft and Novell have worked together to produce Integration Components that, once installed within the VM, optimise it’s performance and give a much better experience overall.

The big question is, is how do you install them, and configure them?  How to you optimise that VM on Hyper-V?  I’d love to show you myself, but the guys from Microsoft in the US have saved me a job!  So far, a 2-part video series has been produced, focusing on the install, configuration and more.

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

Definitely worth a watch if you’re thinking of installing and configuring SUSE on Hyper-V, and make sure you make them full screen to make all the detail out!