Had a few cracking documents sent across to me from Steve Winfield, NetApp Consulting Systems Engineer in the UK, (and member of the Curry Council) which are particularly useful if you’re scoping out a Hyper-V & NetApp combo, and also if you’re planning on running Exchange, SQL and SharePoint on Hyper-V with a MetroCluster stretched across the WAN!

Now, although these documents are obviously aimed at NetApp Storage backends, some of the best practice hints and tips will be applicable to Hyper-V on other platforms too, however, if you’re using NetApp and Hyper-V, you’ll find this info spot on.

One of the key contributors to these documents (at least 2 of the 3!) is NetApp’s Chaffie McKenna, who is also one of the authors on the NetApp MSEnviro blog, which provides a number of useful pieces of information around the 2 vendors’ technologies.  One for the RSS reader I believe!

Have a good weekend!