I blogged about App-V 4.6 a while back, around the beta release timeframe, and also recorded (but didn’t get round to editing!) a screencast using App-V 4.6 beta.  Obviously that’s now obsolete, so I’ll have to record it again, but, nonetheless, 4.6 Release Candidate is available, and over on the App-V blog, there’s some specific information on the integration between App-V 4.6 and the brand new Office 2010 beta.

Office has always been one of those workloads where some people will say ‘sure, sequence Office, it’s great!’ whereas others will say ‘whoa there, Office should be part of the base OS build, sequence the add-ins and other apps instead!’.  Whichever side of the fence you fall on, the fact that recipes (yes, you read that correctly) exist for sequencing suites of applications like Office, should help to put your mind at ease, and with the latest 4.6 RC release, there’s a specific Office 2010 Beta Deployment Kit for App-V.  Very useful indeed.

From the App-V blog, “Our engineering teams have collaborated to address the top customer issues that people were running into when virtualizing past versions of Office.   As a result, Office 2010 has a much more integrated user experience”.  What does the Office 2010 and App-V integration deliver?

  • Microsoft SharePoint Integration - You can open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents using Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Microsoft Outlook Fast Search - You can use Microsoft Windows Desktop Search to find specific messages in your inbox.
  • MAPI Proxy - You can connect to your inbox using Microsoft Outlook Send To functionality.
  • Microsoft Office Document Indexing - You can index your documents so that you can use Microsoft Windows Search to locate files.
  • Virtual Mail Control Panel icon - You can use the Email icon in Control Panel to perform advance mail configuration.
  • URL protocol handler - You can configure links in the browser and specify the appropriate associated Microsoft Office application.
  • Send to Microsoft OneNote Printer driver - You can print documents to Microsoft OneNote.

Ready to rock?

Here’s what you need to get going:

    1. Download Office 2010 Beta here

    2. Download the Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Kit for App-V (Beta)

    3. Download App-V 4.6 RC on Microsoft Connect

    4. Read the App-V recipe for sequencing Office 2010 Beta on Microsoft Connect.

For detailed information on whether your environment meets the requirements of Office 2010 and App-V 4.6 RC, please refer to the App-V recipe.

Happy cooking sequencing! :-)