…This tool could be very useful to you indeed!  The interactive benefits tool helps you to understand which Software Assurance benefits you’re entitled to with each of our licensing agreements – the easy way.  A new, user-friendly comparison table shows at-a-glance which of the sizeable suite of benefits you can access.  Easy!

I’m not sure there is any difference in these two versions, but I’ll provide them both nonetheless:

Simply tick your chosen agreement (or, multiple if you want to compare side-by-side)…SA1

then see your results (click to enlarge)…

SA Table

Use the icons scattered about to find out more information, and for those wondering what App, Sys and Ser mean:

  • APP = application, e.g. Microsoft Office
  • SYS = system, e.g. Microsoft Windows operating system
  • SER = server, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, Server Client Access Licences (CALs)
Useful stuff!