27th July was the last VBTV video!  I’m slipping behind here!  Oh well, the wait is over, but why was it so long??  Well, remember the RDS Series I produced a couple of months back? At the end of the series, I promised to deliver a VDI series too.  Now, I actually recorded the VDI videos at the same time as the RDS ones, however, I didn’t get chance to edit them before RTM of 2008 R2, so I thought people would appreciate some VDI videos, from scratch, on RTM code, and here they come:


Microsoft VDI Part I: Server Side Configuration

In this video, I walk through the server side configuration of the VDI environment.  This includes configuring the Web Portal, the Connection Broker, and an RDS Session Host in Redirection Mode.  Apologies in advance for the size of the Edge watermark – I think I got a little carried away!

Duration: 28m 21s

Download the video, and more, from the VirtualboyTV site.