The Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack is a set of technologies that is constantly evolving and growing in size, yet at the same time, the price never changes, which is great news for Partners and Customers.  If you’re not familiar with what MDOP is, there is some great information here.  In a nutshell, it’s a set of technologies that enables an organisation to optimise it’s desktop infrastructure, from applications, through to managing software licenses.

On to the news - The most up-to-date release of MDOP is coming towards the end of October, and, according to the MDOP blog MDOP 2009 R2 will:

“…add Windows 7 support for all components, except for MED-V. Server and management components will support Windows 2008 R2.  Additionally, we are working to ensure that MED-V will support Windows 7, in the first quarter of calendar year 2010 via MED-V 1.0 SP1.”

Shame about MED-V not getting an update, but not too far to wait for MED-V for Windows 7 I suppose.  The blog post also goes on to talk about an App-V casestudy…

“You can read more in the App-V Cost Reduction Study - savings of $156/PC/Yr in direct costs (11.6% of PC TCO) plus $125/PC/YR in user productivity gains.  The sources of direct savings generated by App-V are across automated deployment, patching/updates, non-standard applications, image management, PC provisioning and replacement, and installation risk, as well as user productivity gains.”

Read all about it over on the MDOP blog and don’t forget about trying out the App-V 4.6 beta!