I was browsing around t’internet last night, looking for some App-V related information for a Partner (Paul S, this is you!), and stumbled on this non-Microsoft, App-V dedicated site, and having spent a good while on there, thought it was definitely worth a recommendation…


The App-V.in website, which, I presume is run from India, is, for me, one of the most usable, and information-rich App-V websites I’ve found on the web.

With sections on the architecture, benefits, the management & streaming servers, the sequencer, including best practices and guidance, and the different clients, you can see it’s a pretty comprehensive site, but combine with that, a knowledge base, and a competitive comparison table, and you’ve got pretty much all you need to get started and understand App-V to a pretty comprehensive level!  One thing I will say is however, is the competitive comparison is based on App-V 4.2, which is a few versions back now, so I’d take that as a pinch of salt, but apart from that, from a pure App-V perspective, this is a great information resource.

Access it here: http://app-v.in//index.php

There’s also links to Case Studies, FAQ’s, blogs and more – check it out!