A little off topic, but, I believe, of equal importance to virtualisation-related information.  If you’re managing a desktop (or server actually), then managing updates can be complex, especially in larger environments.  As a Microsoft house, you could simply let users update their machines themselves, using Windows Update, or alternatively, you could deploy something like WSUS, which would help to centralise updates somewhat.  The problem, however, is that these two mechanisms focus on updates of the Windows OS, and potentially, associated Microsoft applications.  What about, for instance, the BIOS of the machine?  How do you keep that up to date?  Ask the user?  Bit risky!  Upgrade it yourself, one by one?  Bit time consuming!  Not bother?  Hmm, maybe, but manufacturers bring out new BIOS revisions to improve performance, reliability, and in some cases, introduce new capabilities, so why would you not want to take advantage of this?  Well, System Center Configuration Manager, when combined with the Intel vPro platform, goes some way to addressing the centralisation of, among other things, BIOS upgrades.

It’s only 8 minutes long, but make sure you watch it in High Quality by clicking here, and then clicking the HQ button, so you can make out all the detail!