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Are you on Pinpoint?

Are you on Pinpoint?

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If you’re a Microsoft Partner, the above statement should be very important.  This is the way your customers can find you. Plain and Simple.

Microsoft Pinpoint is your chance to put yourself in the shop window.  If I’m a customer, and I want to consolidate my infrastructure using, say, Microsoft Virtualisation, I’d head on over to, I’d click in the main search window and enter a few bits:


Click search, and TA-DA:


Now, if I were a potential customer, looking for a solution around Microsoft Virtualisation, would I click to go to page 2?  Possibly not.  Think of your own Search Engine usage – if you don’t tend to find what you’re looking for on page 1, do you try page 2, or adapt your search term?  Well, you don’t need to adapt your search term here, as we provide the categories that the Partners’ solutions fit within, so, it seems that the most important thing to do here, from a Partner perspective, is to start to differentiate yourself from others.

How is this done?

Well, it’s a combination of factors.  Typical Search Engine Optimisation techniques within your descriptions/services etc can help you become more of the ‘best match’, so, if you’re a Partner, and you provide a particular ‘product or service’, then add it to you PinPoint!  If you look at the top of the last screenshot, you’ll see that for my 11 companies found in the results, there are a total of 15 ‘products and services’ on offer, which, could almost be like bespoke packages of work you could offer a customer.  Take Specialist Computer Holdings – they have a whopping 9 ‘products and services’ including Active Directory Design, Implementation and Migration, through to Collaboration and Messaging Services, whereas Solsis Limited haven’t uploaded any ‘products and services’, yet they are a Small Business Specialist, which may be important for some customers.  The point is – add as many services as you can!  Having multiple ‘services’ targeted at specific audiences/searches is very important!

That said, the most important factor in climbing up the results ladder is reviews and ratings.  Ask for customers to provide their feedback – not only about your company on the whole, but also specifically about the solutions you’ve delivered.  If you’ve got a specific ‘product or service’ that you’ve added to PinPoint, and a customer has taken you up on that service, and is happy with the work you’ve done, as them for a review!  It could be the difference between the next lead coming to you, or going to a competitor!  There are plenty of guidelines around reviews, here.

So, in a nutshell – Mr Partner – get yourself on PinPoint ASAP!  If you’re on there, sell yourself, your services, and get some reviews!!

  • Seems like a great idea but like a lot of other great ideas (Microsoft Tag is one) it only exists in a few select countries.

    I can understand that a small country like Sweden isn't on top of the list but with all the information and data providers available it should be a lot easier to realise this kind of service for other countries as well.

    Still, I signed up and am waiting for the confirmation mail. :)

  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the comment - Pinpoint is being phased in to replace our older, less usable Solution Finder - do you have this in Sweden?  If so, it's only a matter of time before Pinpoint comes to Sweden.  In the meantime, you'll have to use I'm afraid, but not for too much longer I hope!


  • Hey Matt.

    Wasn't aware of Solution Finder but that one does work in Sweden so I'm guessing that PinPoint will be here sooner or later as well.

    Do you happen to know if all the exisiting Solution Finder entries will be moved over to PinPoint or if you need to register anew?


    -- Martin

  • Hi Martin,

    I think the existing entries are moved across, but once there, it's important to log in and provide as much info around services, products, capabilities etc, along with reviews as possible, to make sure you're at the top of the search results list!

    I don't have a timeline unfortunately - perhaps a question to ask a Swedish account manager / contact you may have!

    Hope that helps!


  • Thanks for the info and quick replies, much appreciated. :)

  • Matt,

    Is this still in development?  Our company signed up as soon as it was announced.  We are listed and we can be found, but it does not work as expected.  If you search for Microsoft Dynamics CRM parters, you come up with 5 nationwide.  BPOS is 21!  We are listed as BPOS and CRM partners, but not in the search.  I also think the comment about the ratings and reviews is innacurate, if you search by zip code, the number one company is the one closest to the Post Office!

    Just hoping that it is still a work in progress.


  • Hi Tom - can you contact me directly using the contact link at the top of the blog - I'll take this offline with you and the Partner team who look after the process.  It is still a work in progress, but I doubt it should be as random or as inaccurate as what you're finding.

    Drop me a mail and we'll try to figure it out.



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