I’ve been desperate to get these videos out for weeks now, but the editing seems to have taken forever!  Oh, and there was other work to do too, obviously!

That said, all 5 parts of the Windows Server 2008 R2: Remote Desktop Services Series are online now, over at TechNet Edge, and on Virtualboy TV, But I'll dedicate a couple of posts on here to them too, so you know where to find them specifically.  Now, without further adoo, on to part 1!!


Part 1: RDS Session Host - Installation & Configuration

In this video, I walk through the initial installation and configuration of the RDS Session Host (traditional Terminal Server) in a Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.  I enable the role, set up the initial bits, and then go on to show some of the different ways I can deploy RDS Applications, also know as RDS RemoteApp.

Duration: 39m 12s

Download the video, and more, from the VirtualboyTV site.