Hat tip to Mr Overton for forwarding this article over.  If you’re thinking about Virtual Desktops, and the business justifications for, and against, then you may find this Network World article useful.


While server virtualization virtually guarantees a speedy ROI, desktop virtualization can be cost-prohibitive to start and deliver a somewhat less immediate and difficult-to-quantify return on the substantial investment.  Analysts estimate choosing virtual desktops can cost 150% to 250% more than traditional PCs — and that's just for the direct cost of acquiring the technology. Savvy IT managers realize when pricing out a project they need to also calculate indirect costs.

Definitely a worthwhile read if you have a spare few minutes.  As with any technology, there are pros, and cons.  Not everyone is aware of the amount of storage space, potentially. required by VDI, let alone the networking infrastructure too…