After a barrage (21) of blog posts last month, this month has been pretty dry in comparison.  Main reason for that is, I’ve been busy building up the content repository for another wave of video loveliness and useful information.  Hopefully we’ll break double figures for the blog posts for this month!  Here comes the first one, live from Citrix iForum in Edinburgh!

A month or so back, I got together with Pete Mason and Steve Winfield from NetApp, to produce a series of videos highlighting the NetApp value-add to Hyper-V.  I’ve split the videos into 4 parts, with the first, being a 40 minute overview of what makes up the technologies, and why they’re important.  Before anyone says, “isn’t that favouritism – what about all the other storage vendors?”  For me, the moral is, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  NetApp have been very proactive, at a local level, and a global level, around suggesting new ways we can work together, and a set of Virtualboy TV video was the next logical step.  This is just one reason why they are becoming more and more of a prominent Partner with Microsoft.  Hopefully that will be reflected at the next NetApp Insight event, ey’ Steve!  So, if any other vendors are reading, don’t be shy (obviously loan demo kit helps too – thanks chaps!), get in touch.  Same applies to software vendors too.  Expect videos in the near future with Citrix and Quest to name but two.

Anyway, here’s the video and info:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

In this video, I'm joined by Steve Winfield and Pete Mason from NetApp, to discuss the value add that some of the NetApp storage technologies can bring to a Microsoft Hyper-V infrastructure. We explore the basics, but also look at some of the more advanced features like DeDupe and Thin Provisioning.  The volume seems like it hasn't come out too loud on this one, so you may need to turn your speakers or headphones up a bit!

Duration: 41m 54s

As always, you can grab the downloads from the Virtualboy TV site.