Watched the first R2 clustering video yet?  It’s a little bit of a pre-req for this one, but, if you haven’t seen it, you should still be able to take value from part 2 in this mini series on clustering in Hyper-V R2.  In this video, we start the creation process on top of our freshly built cluster.  I go on to create 2 highly available VMs, utilising the newly integrated Failover Cluster MMC Hyper-V tools, which really simplifies the whole process of deploying HA VM workloads.  These 2 VMs have slightly different back-ends; the first, is a regular VHD based VM, with that VHD residing on it’s own LUN on the SAN.  The 2nd VM however, utilises Pass Through Disk capabilities, so the VM in this example, is reading/writing to a raw LUN on the SAN.  Easy Peasy!

The video is just over 17 minutes long.

You can view the video straight in this webpage, or head on over to the VirtualboyTV to see it in higher definition.  For the best experience, you can always download it from this page too.

Feedback welcome, and stay tuned for part 3 of this mini cluster-series!