The 3rd video in this cluster-tastic mini-series focuses on introducing a completely ‘new-for-R2’ technology called Cluster Shared Volumes.  This new technology brings 2 major benefits.  The first, is it allows you to drop multiple VMs per LUN, and still retain the ability to individually migrate and failover the workloads.  Secondly, it provides you with I/O Redirection, which means, should you lose connection to the SAN from a node, or a network from a node, the VMs will be unaffected, as CSV will redirect the I/O via another available path.  You can read all about CSV here.

So, the video…

In this video, I not only enable CSV, but go on to quickly create a couple of HA VMs, using CSV as their backend.  Sounds simple and straightforward?  That’s because it is!

You can view the video straight in this webpage, or head on over to the VirtualboyTV to see it in higher definition.  For the best experience, you can always download it from this page too.

Feedback welcome, and stay tuned for the final part of this mini cluster-series!