I didn’t think I’d give in, but finally, I’ve decided to embrace twitter.  Whilst I can appreciate it’s value, especially in today’s IT-fuelled world, where information is King, and people are desperate for the answers to the questions they haven’t even asked yet, twitter still seems a bit, well, demanding.  I’ve heard stories of people twittering every few minutes, updating people on what they are doing (moving, breathing, walking, going to the loo, etc etc!), and I just don’t think I could commit to something like that!  That’s not to say it’s wrong – not at all, it’s just not for me, however, as a means to keep in touch with a specific topic, or, as a method of asking questions and getting fast answers, again, around a specific topic, I can see real value.  AskTechNetUK is one example of that.

How have I decided to embrace twitter?

Well, I’m only going to post stuff to twitter directly from my blog, so now, people will have 3 main ways to consume information from me, around Microsoft Virtualisation.  The first, is plain old RSS.  Seems boring now doesn’t it?  A bit old hat.  However, people always say, the old ones are always the best!  If you want RSS, you can grab it here:

Second, you have the option to receive the posts directly into your inbox, via an email subscription.  I tend to like this for blogs that only post a couple of posts a week, as it means they come straight in to my inbox, for actioning  a.k.a reading, before they are deleted.  I don’t have to go anywhere, away from Outlook, to read them.  Yes, before someone says, I know I can get RSS into outlook too, but I prefer emails :-)  To get the email subscription, you can go here:

Last, but not least, is twitter.  James O’Neill highlighted a useful little Windows Live Writer plug-in that auto posts your blog posts to your twitter feed(?) so that any ‘followers’, can instantly get a title, and a tinyurl to the actual post – simple!  You can sign up to be a follower (seems really religious, and flattering at the same time!) by going over here:

I’ve also added a twitter related button on the right hand side of my page too.