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MMS2009: App-V for Servers

MMS2009: App-V for Servers

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Application Virtualisation (App-V) has been around a fair while now.  It started as SoftGrid, and was owned by Softricity, which was then acquired by Microsoft, and became App-V, with the current release being 4.5.  Version 4.6, which brings in things like x64 support, is currently in the Alpha stage.  The thing I love about App-V, is the power is gives the IT Admin to deploy applications, without going through a huge regression testing period, as each application exists within it’s own little sandbox, isolated from other applications that would normally conflict.  This means that you overcome app to app incompatibilities, but you also gain an extra level of control over the OS, as it can be quickly replaced, yet when the user logs in to their new OS, the same applications are streamed down to them, on demand.

That’s the client side covered, but what about the server side?  Can we not stream to servers?  Not yet, but in the future, it could well be reality.  Check out this video if you don’t believe me:

In the video, Bill Morein uses an updated version of System Center Virtual Machine Manager, which allows applications to be stored in the VMM library as well as regular VHDs etc.  In the video, he clicks on a running VM, and selects ‘Deploy Application’ and chooses the right app from the library.  In this example, he deploys an Enterprise Search application, so we’re not talking Office, or Adobe Reader here.

Bill shows that the app is now running in the VM, and in all honesty, it’s pretty seamless and very cool.  There’s more stuff in the video, and it’s definitely worth watching.  It won’t be here for a good while, but it’ll cause big ripples in the traditional way you deploy server applications in your infrastructure of the future.

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  • Last year, there was talk of how and when Microsoft might take its App-V client virtualization technology

  • Softgrid started out as way to stream apps to terminal/Citrix servers...I don't see what's new here??

  • Hi Neil,

    I comepletely agree, and App-V for TS will continue to be availble well into the future, but what this post is really referring to is more around the types of applications that are being streamed, rather than the destination.  Traditional App-V, and App-V for TS typically deploy end-uder applications, like Office, Adobe Reader, Java etc, rather than Enterprise Search applications, or Server-based LOB apps.  This is where the new capability comes in to App-V.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to find a really good video resource for Application Visualization. Could anyone give me hand in pointing into the right direction?

    I have downloaded the MDOP program and am trying to run this on a 2008 R2 server.

    Thank you,


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