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App-V Announcements

App-V Announcements

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Now I don’t think I talk about Application Virtualisation enough on this blog - whenever I see the technology, I always think ‘now that is cool stuff’, and Partners/Customers tend to agree, but, for those of you not in the know, what it is?

Well, the best way to think about Application Virtualisation, or, in Microsoft speak, App-V, is as a different way of packaging an application, so that when it’s deployed to a target end-point, i.e. a client OS like Vista, or XP, it’s never actually installed, and doesn’t conflict with other applications that may already be installed, or, that have also been streamed down to the target using App-V too.  In a nutshell, App-V is designed for App to App compatibility.

Version 4.5 shipped a while back, and brought some interesting new features, of which you can read about here: and if you want more information on how App-V actually works, you can grab that, here:

In terms of benefits, Customers using App-V today are already realising the many of the benefits of the product. Some examples include the reduction in application compatibility test cycles, the increased speed at which they can package and deploy applications to their end users and the flexible deployment options.

So, what’s new?

From the MDOP blog:

App-V 4.5 CU1

I’m guessing CU stands for Compatibility Update, or something similar – basically, CUI for App-V 4.5 brings in Windows 7 compatibility, so you’ll be able to continue testing and evaluating Windows 7 client, yet be able to roll out virtualised applications onto that platform too.  Using the combination of technologies could really help to streamline and ease your rollout of Win 7, especially if you’re leapfrogging Vista to get there.  Start testing and sequencing your apps now!  App-V 4.5 CU1 also contains a small number of improvements such as instant access or removal of applications assigned to end users.  Anyone using 4.5 can grab CU1 from the Connect website.

App-V 4.6

This is the next release of App-V, and brings new features including x64 client support.  This is a big step forward for App-V, and is a feature requested by many.  The technology update isn’t available just yet, but will be available on the Connect website, sometime very soon.  The MDOP blog states Q1 2009, and seeing as we’re in the 3rd month of Q1, I guess it’ll appear within the next few weeks!  Keep an eye on the MDOP blog to be sure.

  • As mentioned in my previous post, a number of the features for the next release of App-V, namely version

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