DPM is one of those technologies that not enough people know about.  Those that do know about it, and understand how it works, along with how it’s licensed, quickly see the benefits of the technology, particularly when customers have infrastructures that include Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and more recently, Hyper-V.  The point still stands however, that not enough people know about it.

Enter, the DPM Hero Campaign.

This is your chance, as Microsoft Partners, to not only understand where DPM fits in the grand scheme of System Center, but also understand how it works, the key benefits, but also, at the same time, win prizes!

Prizes you say?  Go on!

There must be a catch?  Well, there are certain rules to abide by before you start:

The DPM Hero campaign is open to all members of the Microsoft Partner Program (MSPP) and for all levels - Registered, Certified and Gold.  However to win one of the campaign prizes, you must be eligible under and comply with the DPH Challenge Official Rules - http://microsoft.mrmpslc.com/dpmassessmenttool/rules.aspx.

OK, so I’m an eligible Partner, now what?  Head on over to http://www.dpmpartner.com, and choose your region (US, or Rest of the World!)


Once you’ve taken the online training, discussion licensing, benefits, the technology itself etc, you’ll qualify for a copy of DPM Server, and a corresponding DPM Enterprise ML (Agent), plus, you’ll also enter a monthly prize draw for a Samsung digital wireless sync picture frame.  The sooner you make it through the training camp, the more chances you have to win the monthly drawing - so get started now.

Good luck!