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For the last few weeks, in any spare moment I’ve had, I’ve been working away on a little side project to help enable our Partners and Customers to better understand our Virtualisation technologies.  Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of

Found over at, I’ll be hosting videos of myself talking about Microsoft virtualisation technologies, with accompanying slides, yet also showcasing a number of homegrown demos, that I’ve built, that you can watch in the browser, or download the full fidelity, original copy, to use offline.

So, what does it all look like?


Well, if you navigate over to the homepage,, you’ll be greeted with the ‘Show Player’, which is kind of like an always-on, episodic video player, so, the most recently uploaded video is shown in the main window, and all the episodes that have been uploaded prior to this one are on the right hand side.  Clicking on an episode on the right, plays the video in the central window.  You can embed individual videos in your own pages, and I’ll be doing this as I add new content over the next few weeks and months.

From the homepage, in the top-right corner, if you click on Episode Archive, you’ll see a thumbnail of all uploaded videos, and clicking one of them, will take you to a dedicated page for that video.  From here, if you want to download the original version of the video (1024 x 768 WMV and above!), then look, on the right hand side of the page, for:


As it states, right-click, and save as.  Easy!  So, you can quickly check out a video in the browser, then download it and use it offline if you see fit.  Either way, they’ll give you a great grounding into the technologies, and you’ll be able to see them in action, first hand, with me explaining what’s happening at every step of the way.

You can even subscribe to RSS (although if you’re subscribed to this blog, I’ll announce each new video on here anyway!)  You can even add it to iTunes, although bear with me on that one as I think it’s still being set up!  I haven’t encoded them in .mov so I’ll get on to that soon – for now, ignore the iTunes bit! :-)

If you do choose to subscribe to the RSS feed, you’ll get this:

RSS Overview

This means, you’ll just have to right-click the WMV file, and save target as!  Easy!

In terms of current content then, what’s been uploaded?

Microsoft Server Virtualisation Overview

This video discusses the Microsoft Server Virtualisation Technologies, which includes aspects such as Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008, Clustering, Migrations and we also take a look at what's coming down the line with the R2 wave of technologies.

Hyper-V Server 2008: Installing, Configuring & Managing

This demo walks through a network based deployment of Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 using Windows Deployment Services. I then go on to configure locally, and manage remotely,

1. Hyper-V: Installing, Configuring & Managing

This video demonstrates the installation of Hyper-V as part of Windows Server 2008, and how to get started using the technology, via the MMC Management Console.

2. Hyper-V: Understanding Integration Services

This video demonstrates configuring a virtual machine with and without Integration Services, and highlights the different experiences in both scenarios.

3. Hyper-V: Exports & Snapshots

This demo walks through snapshotting and exporting of virtual machines with Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

4. Hyper-V: PowerShell Management

This demo walks through enabling PowerShell on Windows Server 2008, and subsequently using it to manage Hyper-V.

5. Hyper-V: Configuring Failover Clustering

This video demonstrates enabling, configuring, and managing the Failover Clustering capability within Windows Server 2008.

6. Hyper-V: Failover & Migration of VMs

This demo explains failover and quick migration capabilities of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V.

7. Hyper-V: Multiple VMs per LUN

This demo walks through setting up multiple virtual machines on individual LUNs of shared storage, and observing failover and migration behaviours.

Enjoy, and feedback / requests welcome!

  • This looks great! Really makes me want to get all the video off my hard drive and up to the web finally. Maybe that's what I'll do on President's Day.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Cheers Mike - appreciate the comment as always!

    A combination of Sony Vegas Pro 8, Camtasia 6 and time(!!) were the order of the day for creating the overview video, and just pure Camtasia 6 for the screencast demos.

    I thoroughly recommend - in terms of quality, download of original video, loads of distribution options like RSS, iTunes etc, and all free!  No limits on size/time length of video either (Server Overview was 160mb @ 1280x720!)

    I would have put it on Microsoft's Silverlight Streaming Service, which will provide great quality for HD material, but it was limited in size/time whilst in beta, so, hence!

    Go for it, and have a good President's Day!  I'll be in the office in the UK!


  • Hot on the heels of my announcement a few days back , I’m pleased to announce a new addition to 

  • Fantastic

    A true ambassador for Microsoft.

    You know your product and always happy to help.

    Well done Matt!

  • got to give credit where credit is due

    these are some of the best video tutorials I've seen

    very well done, very easy to follow along.

    keep up the fantastic work!!!

  • Hi Femi,

    Thanks!  More coming soon!


  • I have to agree. Excellent work and Matt is most helpful. A credit to Microsoft.

  • Too kind!  Thanks! :-)

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