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Article: Hyper-Scalability for Virtual Machine I/O

Article: Hyper-Scalability for Virtual Machine I/O

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Using Virtual Service Clients and Virtual Service Providers Microsoft’s Hyper-V creates a low-overhead environment for virtual machines that can provide a high degree of scalability on a state-of-the-art SAN.

A colleague here at MS UK forwarded me a link to a great benchmark test involving Hyper-V, specifically targeted at Storage I/O.

Key Findings include:

  • 8Gbps Driver Support in Windows Server 2008 distribution
  • Near linear IOPS scalability for Windows Server 2008
  • The QLogic 2500 Series HBA supported IOPS loads of 200,000 with 4KB I/O and full duplex throughput at wire speed.
  • Single Hyper-V VM benchmarked at 145,000 IOPS using 4KB random read requests per second.
  • With four VMs simultaneously reading and writing data, Hyper-V sustained 159,000 4KB I/O requests per second, which represented a throughput rate 15% greater than the throughput sustainable with a 4Gbps HBA.

Other key findings and quotes include:

“In these tests, our principle concern centered on the number of IOPS that could be sustained, which provides a critical I/O health measure for a VOE (Virtual Operating Environment). Our secondary concern was the measurement of I/O throughput, which provides the best insight into SAN fabric infrastructure bottlenecks”

“The number of IOPS sustained in all of our tests clearly indicates that a Hyper-V VOE based on 8Gbps QLogic FC SAN infrastructure is able to scale and support a high number of VMs, which will easily provide for a high consolidation ratio. Equally important, the scalability that this infrastructure provides a VM enables the hosting of the most I/O-intense applications.”

Definitely worth a read.

  • Video #9 in the Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V series, is this video focussed on the use of Pass Through

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