Microsoft Virtualisation

Definitely worth a look if you get chance – the IT Pro Evangelist Team in the US are running a series of 20 webcasts discussing a number of the facets of Microsoft Virtualisation.  In their own words:

“The objectives of this series are not only to help you develop technical depth on various virtualization solutions with level 300 sessions, but to appreciate the essentials of a typical virtualization project in a real world implementation.”

The session list is as follows:

  1. 14/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization in a Nutshell
  2. 16/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: Selecting the Right Candidates for Virtualization
  3. 21/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualizing Test and Development Environments for a Quick Return on Investment
  4. 23/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: Managing the Virtualized Test and Development Environment
  5. 28/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: If I Virtualize It, How Do I Manage It?
  6. 29/1/2009, TechNet Webcast: Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning
  7. 04/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Building on Your Existing Virtual Environment
  8. 06/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization Solutions for High Availability
  9. 11/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Client-Side Virtualization
  10. 13/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Using Presentation Virtualization
  11. 18/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Scaling Terminal Services Out (1/2)
  12. 20/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Scaling Terminal Services Out (2/2)
  13. 25/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Running Legacy Applications with Virtualization (1/2)
  14. 27/2/2009, TechNet Webcast: Running Legacy Applications with Virtualization (2/2)
  15. 04/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Creating a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  16. 06/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Securing the Virtual Environments
  17. 11/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization with Centralized, Policy-Based Management
  18. 13/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Virtualization Solutions in Branch Offices
  19. 20/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Road Map for the Future of Virtualization
  20. 24/3/2009, TechNet Webcast: Managing Virtual Solutions

Click on the links above to register for the webcasts.  View the original post here.