Microsoft Partner Programme

I blogged about the KickStart Renewals Clinic back in April this year, and it’s come back round again, due to it’s popularity!

What is it?

Well, do you find the Microsoft Partner Programme confusing?  There are a broad range of resources and support available to you through the programme, but it can be confusing trying to understand what to use - and when to use it. There are two ways you can increase your knowledge on the Partner Programme - you can watch our series of online training videos, or you can book onto one of the classroom courses which are run by the UK Partner Programme team.

As it says above, you have 2 options; Online, or Classroom.  If we start with Classroom:

The UK Partner Programme team run training courses to help partners make sense of the tools and resources available and the benefits of being a Microsoft partner.  The aim of this course is to show key programme administrators how to use the programme and how to get the most out of the available resources. The workshop-style course is free to attend and runs for half a day - it is suitable for Certified and Gold Certified partners, or Registered partners looking to move up to Certified or Gold Certified.

Training Dates

Find below the next series of training dates for the KickStart course. You can book onto any of the dates from the Partner Learning Centre. Just search for course code: 44WK018

  • 21st January 2009, 9:30am, Microsoft Partner Programme KickStart, Edinburgh
  • 28th January 2009, 9:30am,Microsoft Partner Programme KickStart, Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 26th February 2009, 9:30am,Microsoft Partner Programme KickStart, Microsoft Campus, Reading
  • 24th March 2009, 9:30am, Microsoft Partner Programme KickStart, Microsoft Campus, Reading

The half-day course covers the following:

  • Using the Partner Portal
  • Navigating the Partner Membership Centre
  • Managing Your Competency Information
  • Making the most of your Programme Benefits
  • How to find Information more Easily
  • Ask the Expert
  • Renewals Clinic

Alternatively, you have the option of using the Online Version of the training:

KickStart your knowledge of the Microsoft Partner Programme and understand how to get the most value from your partnership by watching this series of video casts. Whether you are the programme administrator interested in learning how to make your membership renewal process easier, or you're the marketing manager looking to gain leads from Microsoft, you can find all the information you need from these videos.  The video’s on the site include:

Programme Administrator Training

  • Introducing the KickStart Training Videos
  • Associating Windows Live IDs to your Partner Account
  • Managing Users for your Partner Account
  • Managing your Competency
  • Renewing your Programme Membership
  • Understanding your Internal Use Licences
  • Understanding your Technical Support benefits

Sales and Marketing Training

  • Understanding your Sales and Marketing Resources
  • Generating Leads
  • Showcasing your Programme Membership
  • Finding new Business Opportunities
  • Networking with Partners
  • Skilling your Organisation
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction

You can get all the details on the Partner Learning Center, here: