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Yep, that’s right, the World’s first Microsoft Virtualisation User Group has been established right here on these fair shores.

The aim of the MVUG, is to provide a common ground for anyone to discuss current and upcoming Microsoft Virtualisation technologies, and the first meeting is approaching fast.  It’s scheduled for the 24th September, and there are a whole host of Microsoft, and non-Microsoft people going to be there.  Incidentally, this hasn’t been set up by Microsoft peeps – this has been set up by Patrick Lownds, who’s a Technical Architect at a Large IT Company down here in the South, and Matthew Millers, who’s a Messaging and Directory Service Consultant working in London.  Between them, they’ve managed to set up the group, the website, the forum, they’ve secured the venue for the first event, and a pretty cool first agenda:

As this is our first meeting the intention is to present a roadmap of Microsoft Virtualisation technologies, finally we will have a open discussion on what you would like out of this user group.

1800 – 1900 - Desktop virtualisation & Application virtualisation

1900 – 1915 - Food

1915 – 2100 - Server & Presentation virtualisation, Microsoft SCVMM 2008

Final 10-15mins - Open discussion

Make sure you register, and I’ll see you there, on the 24th, at London Victoria!