The acquisition of Israel-based Kidaro was announced a couple of weeks back, and has just gone through.  The technology will be introduced in the near future, and will form part of the ever-expanding Microsoft Desktop Optimisation Pack (MDOP) to provide even more value to customers with, or considering MDOP.  As per usual, we lose the cool naming, and it will be known as the Microsoft Enterprise Virtual Desktop, so that means MEVD will be in MDOP, for which you'll need SA (Software Assurance) on top of WC (Windows Client).  Acronym lovers rejoice :-)

So, what do we know about Kidaro?

  • It's a virtualisation technology
  • It's well integrated with Active Directory, which means it will slot nicely into your AD environment
  • It has multiple deployment methods
    • It can provide a controlled, managed Virtual Machine environment on a USB stick for example.
    • It can provide an invisible-to-the-end-user virtualisation layer inside their own OS, on which a virtual OS runs, with applications running on both platforms.  Legacy apps running on the virtual OS, local apps running on the local OS.  All icons on one desktop.  Seamless experience for the user :-)
    • You could even have a 'Virtual Workstation' running as the main OS (to the end user anyway!) which is completely controlled by you.

You can read all about the MEDV technology here: and here:

Trust me, when you see it in action, it is very cool indeed.