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Important caveats to remember:

  • Saved-state files are not supported between RC0 and RC1 releases of Hyper-V.  All virtual machine saved states should be discarded before upgrading to RC1, or prior to resuming virtual machines after upgrading to Hyper-V RC1.
  • Online snapshots contain virtual machine save-states and thus online snapshots taken with Hyper-V RC0 are not supported after updating to Hyper-V to RC1.  Either apply any online snapshots and shut down the VM or discard the virtual machine save state associated with the snapshot before or after the update to Hyper-V RC1.
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Beta does not support Hyper-V RC1.
  • New Integration Components (ICs) must be installed for your supported guest operating systems.  Integration Components are specific to the build of Hyper-V.  RC1 Integration Components for all supported Windows Operating Systems are provided using the ‘Action’ -> ‘Insert Integration Services Setup Disk’ action.
  • RC1 Integration Components for all supported Windows Operating Systems are now part of the IC Setup Disk.  This now includes Windows Server 2008!  Simply install the Hyper-V RC1 Integration Components for Windows Server 2008 the same way you do all other Windows ICs (‘Action’ -> ‘Insert Integration Services Setup Disk’). 
    Note You need to close the found new hardware wizard before setup will begin on all Windows Operating Systems.

I'm sure that the VMM 2008 technology will be updated as soon as possible to allow interaction with RC1, as it was released when RC0 was around, and RC1 brings some quite significant changes, hence VMM 2008 will need an update.  If you still need to test Hyper-V and VMM 2008,  I'd stick with RC0 for now.