Think about this scenario.  You're embracing virtualisation.  More specifically, using Virtual Machine Manager.  Your running VMs are happily up to date, healthy and compliant and stay that way, thanks to a constant connection to Windows Update on the web, or a connection to WSUS/System Center Config Manager for centralised patching and updating.  So far, so good.  You're also using the library functionality of SCVMM, to store offline VMs, ready for deployment.  These offline VMs could have been offline for quite some time.  They could have missed one, two, three, or more 'Patch Tuesdays', so when they eventually do get brought online, they're out of date and a potential health risk to the organisation.  Step in the Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool (Beta)...


"The Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Tool allows you to automatically activate virtual machines parked in a library to update their operating systems one by one using System Center Configuration Manager or Windows Server Update Services."

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