I was recently asked by one of our Partners, Softcat, if I'd write an article about Windows Server 2008 and what I thought were the key compelling features in the new OS - obviously I obliged (and to be honest, was pretty flattered at being asked!) so off I went to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys to be precise :-)).  Yesterday, I received a couple of shiny copies of Softcat's magazine, 'Portfolio', where on page 12, was my article!

It's a couple of pages long, but, should you want to, you can read the online version here: http://www.softcat.com/articles.php?cmd=showarticle&id=186 - I hope you find it interesting.  There's a few bits out of date, such as Hyper-V in beta, (it was at the time!) and a couple of my typo's have made it through, but apart from that, I hope it gives you an idea, not of what Microsoft think is great in the new OS, but what I think is great, and how it may help you drive your business forward.