One of the things that more and more people I speak to, find really interesting in Terminal Services 2008, is the Terminal Services Gateway - new in Windows Server 2008.

"Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) manufactures and sells paper products and consumer goods to companies in more than 90 countries. With 51,000 employees spread across 600 sites, SCA relies on Windows Server® 2003 Terminal Services to give employees and business partners access to IT resources over a virtual private network (VPN). End users often struggle with slow system-response times. In addition, the need for a VPN client sometimes prevents employees from accessing the network. In 2007, SCA chose to deploy the 64-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise operating system to take advantage of new capabilities in Terminal Services and features such as the Read-Only Domain Controller. As a result, SCA expects to increase employees’ mobility, cut costs, boost security, and speed application deployment and data access."

The removal, in many scenarios, on the requirement for VPN, is a great benefit for many organisations, who are used to having to sit through a slow and sometimes painful process of authentication to access internal resources from outside of their corporate walls.  This is assuming that users can connect from a client that has the relevant VPN client installed.  What about a mobile user situated at another customer's site?  Or from an Internet Cafe?  Or a home PC?  Terminal Services Gateway can really help with this.  Best of all, it ties in nicely with NAP, or Network Access Protection, featured by Jeff, in this post.

Business Situation - SCA sought a solution that could accelerate access to remote network resources, allow for greater mobility of employees, and minimize security risks posed by unsecured domain controllers.

Solution - After SCA evaluated competitive solutions, it chose to deploy Windows Server® 2008, which offers new features that address the company’s issues without third-party components.


  • Simplifies remote access
  • Improves performance and accelerates application deployment
  • Reduces costs
  • Bolsters security
  • Streamlines administration

You can read the full article here, and more about how Microsoft IT have deployed TS internally, along with how you can get more users on a TS box with 2008.