Yep, that's right, I'm off to Belgium in the morning, on the Eurostar, to present the closing keynote session at the Belgium 'Heroes Happen Here' Launch event!  It's a real privilege being invited by Arlindo, who's been helping to coordinate the event.


Those of you in the UK who've seen me present as part of the TechNet group, will know that one of the events that people typically enjoyed was the Vista: After Hours, in which James and I took a 2 hour look at a digital, connected world of Microsoft technologies, with Vista at the centre of them all.  Back in November however, I had the chance, along with one of the Evangelists here in the UK, Viral Tarpara, to deliver a 1 hour session, entitled 'The Microsoft Digital Lifestyle' at IT Forum in Barcelona.  Now, anyone who's been to IT Forum or TechEd will know that it's typically full of detailed technical sessions, looking at aspects such as deployment of Windows Server, management and security in a virtual infrastructure etc.  Whilst these sessions are great, there's always room to relax, and look at some of the technologies that these IT Pro's can use outside of the office.  That is the whole point of the Microsoft Digital Lifestyle.  Opening your eyes to a digital world, based on some very cool technologies that are perfect to compliment your technical enthusiasm at home.


You can find out about the Microsoft Digital Lifestyle, and what it's all about, here:

There's even quite a cool video circulating on the web that brings it all together too...

Video: Your Digital Lifestyle