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Windows Server 2008 - Highly Recommended Reading...

Windows Server 2008 - Highly Recommended Reading...

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If you are thinking of adopting, deploying, or testing Windows Server 2008, these guides should prove very useful indeed:

The Windows Server 2008 Reviewers Guide provides a comprehensive technical overview of the innovative features and functions that make Windows Server 2008 the next-generation Microsoft Windows Server operating system and successor to Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This guide also provides information about the benefits Windows Server 2008 offers diverse users, as well as information about different scenarios.

This document supports the release of Windows Server 2008

Included in This Document

  • Introduction to Windows Server 2008
  • Server Virtualisation
  • Centralized Application Access
  • Branch Office
  • Security and Policy Enforcement
  • Web and Applications Platform
  • Server Management
  • High Availability
  • Better Together—Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Download it from here: Reviewers_Guide.doc

The Windows Server 2008 Security Guide provides the following benefits:

  • Fast, easy deployment - Customers using the guide’s best practices, predefined templates, and automated tools have reduced the time required to deploy security configurations by up to 80 percent.  And by using the Windows Server 2008 Security Guide together with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008, customers can automate the secure installation of their entire Windows Server 2008 infrastructure.
  • More reliable - Automated tools and templates eliminate many manual steps—giving customers faster, more reliable results.
  • Comprehensive - The guide includes information on hundreds of Windows Server 2008 security settings with recommendations for each setting.  The guide also explains in detail how to further harden server roles—a key feature of Windows Server 2008—such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Web, and Terminal Services.
  • Thoroughly tested - All security recommendations are fully tested in Microsoft labs, and verified by customers and partners under real-world conditions.
  • Free - The Windows Server 2008 Security Guide and the GPOAccelerator are available as free downloads from the Microsoft Download Center. This Solution Accelerator includes the guidance, settings, templates, and the automated tool.

You can find more information here: and download the guide, here:

  • Thanks for the info!


    Fred Reckling

    Microsoft 2008 Joint Launch Team

  • The documentation for the GPOAccelerator says:

    'The Enterprise Client (EC) environment referred to in this guidance consists of a domain using AD DS in which computers running Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory manage client computers that can run either Windows Vista or Windows XP, and member servers running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003 R2.'

    Does this mean that these GPOs are useless without a Windows Server 2008 domain?!?

  • Hi Pete,

    I've been chasing this for you, and the answer is no, the GPO's are not useless without a 2008 domain.  You can use the GPO accelerator to create GPOs for a 2003 domain too.  You just need to ensure you follow the correct security guides when creating GPOs for the relevant platform, 2003 or 2008.

    The official response from the GPO Dev Team was:

    "The GPOAccelerator creates Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in an Active Directory (AD). The "flavor" of the AD used shouldn't matter, but creating GPOs using GPOAccelerator has only ever been tested using WS03 and WS08 based ADs.

    However, customers must keep in mind that the GPOAccelerator creates GPOs that match those described in the different security guides... each GPO created by the tool has a specific purpose and must be applied correctly for it to function as expected. The following security Guides are supported by the GPOAccelerator:

    • Windows Server 2008 Security Guide

    • Windows Vista Security Guide

    • Windows Server 2003 Security Guide

    • Windows XP Security Guide

    • 2007 Microsoft Office Security Guide

    Customers looking to use the GPOAccelerator must familiarize themselves with the recommendations included in one\all of these guides before using the GPOAccelerator to create/deploy GPOs in their environments."

    Hope that clarifies.



  • i want to learn how to install windows server2008 standard

  • i want learn how install the windows server2008 standard P73-04190

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