Still in Alpha, but gaining momentum fast, is the Microsoft UK Partner Community - Online.

"The Partner Community is a group of networks set up and managed by individuals, partner organisations and Microsoft employees. Our vision is to enable partners to communicate, share and connect with other partners and with Microsoft so we can all do business more effectively and efficiently. The Partner Community will offer many opportunities to leverage information and exchange news, thoughts and feedback - you can even set up your own community or blog"

The partner community is made up of three parts:

  • Partner Community Home
    The Community Home acts as a 'hub' to all the partner networks and users within the community. From this page, users can navigate to and explore the different communities.

  • Networks
    A network is an individual 'community site', containing the typical features and functionality that is used to provide a network service, eg discussion groups and blogs. A user can be a member of as many networks as they choose. Networks can be set up and managed either by Microsoft partners or by Microsoft employees.

  • My Home
    This is a personal site that allows individuals to have an online presence in the networks and the community. My Home provides network service functionality for that user alone - this might include a blog and personal discussion groups for example, along with the ability to set up lists of friends and colleagues.

Start exploring today! -

Note: Please note that this Partner Community Platform SharePoint site is an alpha site and is available to a limited number of users only. By accessing and using this site you acknowledge that (i) this is an alpha SharePoint site with limited and changeable functionality; (ii) that any data or content entered by you may be removed without notice at any time; and (iii) that this alpha SharePoint site may be closed at any time without notice. You further acknowledge that this alpha SharePoint site is provided “as is”  without any warranty of any kind.