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Server 2008 - Security features are a prime mover...

Server 2008 - Security features are a prime mover...

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There's a nice article over on Computerworld that highlights Security as being the key draw for IT Pros when it comes to Windows Server 2008.  For me, this makes quite interesting reading, as many people I speak to can't wait for things like Virtualisation, and Server Core.

"but worries about first-version bugs top their list of IT professionals' concerns, according to a recent survey"

"Nearly half -- 48% -- of those polled cited the catch-all "bugs" as a concern"

I also find the above points quite interesting.  Whilst it's widely accepted that many organisations have a little trepidation when it comes to adopting new versions of Microsoft software, and typically wait for the first service pack, what's interesting with Windows Server 2008 is that it will ship as Service Pack 1.

That's right.  Windows Server 2008 ships as Service Pack 1.

This means that, if we think about how much testing has gone into this product:

  1. You have the millions of people who downloaded Vista during the beta process, and fed back to Microsoft, thus improving the Vista release.  'Sharing the pain' is how I like to term it! :-)
  2. You then have the millions of people who purchased, and are using Vista, in the time since release, which we'll say, is 14 months, who've fed back any issues they've found.
  3. You then have the millions of users who have downloaded the betas, and release candidates of Windows Server 2008, and fed back any issues they've found.
  4. You then have all the testers who've been involved in testing the Vista Service Pack 1, and who've 'Shared the Pain'..

So, even before Windows Server 2008 heads out the door, it's had more testing than I've had hot dinners.  The reason I talk about the testing of Vista being relevant is the fact that the 2 operating systems share somewhere in the region of 60-70% code base.  So all the changes and fixes that have been incorporated into Vista SP1, will already have been incorporated into Server 2008.  You are, in effect, when purchasing Windows Server 2008, getting an OS that, in it's majority, has already been released for 14 months previous.

What I'm trying to say is, it's a very stable release.  It's also very very performant, and the networking improvements are simply staggering when to comes to things like file transfers and working with branch offices, but I'll save that info for another time.

Rather than drill into some of the advances we've made in security (with my favourites being Network Access Protection and Server Core), you can read about them here.

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