Would you say, that in your organisation, you've got an effective management strategy?  By management strategy, I mean from an IT perspective.  Can you ensure your machines are operating effectively?  How are they patched and updated?  Is it a very manual process?  Wouldn't that time be better spent doing other things that could potentially be growing the business?

Well, if you haven't got an effective management strategy, do you want one?  If so, do you want to look after it yourself (manage your management I guess!) or do you want to allow someone to do it for you?


AKCSL have seen an opportunity in the market, based on Microsoft technologies, and are offering a solution to manage your infrastructure, without you having to worry at all!  Aimed at the SME market, their SystemAssure solution is the first ‘Powered by ClearPointe’ Remote Systems Management solution in Europe, based on Microsoft System Center and Remote Operations Manager.

This is a great example of Partners getting on the bandwagon of software + services, and providing a remote solution that really can allow business to concentrate on running their business rather than spending time worrying about IT problems.

The core services provided by SystemAssure comprise:-

  • 24x7x365 monitoring and management of Windows Servers and Desktops
  • Remote remediation and problem resolution
  • Patch Management
  • Website Monitoring
  • Software Deployment
  • Inventory and Asset Management

Can you offer this service in your organisation too?  I'd say so.  What are the key components from a Microsoft perspective?

In a nutshell, System Center Essentials sits on the customer site, and provides:

Unified Experience - Essentials 2007 provides a unified solution to help optimise the experience of performing a broad set of tasks across your entire IT environment. You also get a single console from which you can view and manage your servers, clients, hardware, software, and IT services.

Proactive Management - Essentials 2007 accelerates troubleshooting and problem resolution. It’s a self-managing solution that notifies you as soon as a problem occurs, then helps you proactively diagnose and fix it, accelerating problem resolution. Essentials 2007 also automates system updates and data collection for your IT environment, so it’s more secure and up-to-date.

Increased Efficiency - Essentials 2007 simplifies complex management tasks like packaging and deploying software, adding Web site monitoring, and creating and configuring Group Policy. Essentials 2007 wizards also help you quickly and easily configure security settings, deploy updates, and discover assets

Once Essentials 2007 is in place, You'll need System Center Operations Manager 2007 in your organisation.  This effectively provides the front end for you, as the administrator of the remote site.  You then need something to connect the 2 System Center servers.  That something, is System Center Remote Operations Manager 2007.

The Remote Operations Manager 2007 solution includes the following:

  • Support for remote management services over the Internet without requiring a VPN connection
  • Service Provider Management Pack
  • Customer-centric service provider views and reports
  • Diagnostic tasks to troubleshoot problems remotely
  • Support for remote monitoring and centralized update management, software distribution, and software and hardware inventory
  • Remote control of customer servers and client computers over the Internet

Once you've all 3 in place, you, as the Partner, are providing a management service to your clients, and you, as the customer, and receiving a reliable, scalable and efficient management service.  Everyone's a winner baby! :-)

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