That's right, the TechNet team are back on the road - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since they were WOWing audiences across the UK with a new style of TechNet event - a demo-driven, slide-lite, very real, very cool scenario's on Microsoft's new wave of technology, namely Server 2008, Virtualisation and System Center.  The feedback for the content and this new style of event was very positive - people like to see technology.  People like to see it live - no smoke and mirrors, no false canned demos - live technology in real scenarios.

So, what's the deal with these new events?

I've pinched some information from Steve's blog which talks about his particular session, entitled "To take online backups of running applications via System Center Data Protection Manager AND how to provide secure remote access to applications via Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services" - good one Steve! :-)

Here's Steve's abstract:

"When is data retention interesting? For most of us it’s only when we’ve accidentally deleted something important or suffered a hardware disaster that we may wish we had implemented an automated backup regime. During the session we will  SHOW you how to install and configure System Center Data Protection Manager (SCDPM) to take online backups of running applications including Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL and Virtual machines – “there’s no such thing as a closed file to SCDPM”. We’ll also show you how to make the most of Windows Vista’s native back up features.

Windows Server 2008 brings with it some significant enhancements to Terminal Services to make it easier and more secure to connect remote computers and applications. We’ll show you how to make the most of the new Terminal Services Web Access which enables remote clients to access sessions across the Internet WITHOUT having to establish Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections – instead the traffic is tunneled over HTTPS. Terminal Services “RemoteApp” completely integrates applications running on a terminal server with users' desktops such that they behave as if they were running on an individual user's local computer; users can run programs from a remote location side-by-side with their local programs – we’ll show you how this works in detail too"

Sounds good Steve.

There are other sessions too:

SQL 2008 Pervasive Insights: "This session will concentrate the Business Intelligence (BI) aspects coming in SQL Server 2008. There will be a brief overview of the other themes in the release: Enterprise Data Platform, Beyond Relational, Dynamic Development.  The BI aspects covered will be very demo focused to highlight the improvements to: Integration Services. Lookups and use of the new Change Data Capture capabilities in the relational engine and also Reporting Services. The new architecture, the new designer and charting improvements as well as changes to the RDL schema (tablix).  They'll also be covering Analysis Services, including demos of the new wizards and attribute relationship designer and best practice warnings, and a discussion on block computation."

Beyond SharePoint: Advanced Solutions in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Search with Microsoft Office Performance Point Server 2007 (MOPPS) and Microsoft Enterprise Search: "So your organisation has deployed Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) or SharePoint Server 2007, what now?  Your business wants to solve business problems around content management and business analytics but leaves it up to you to figure it out.  There is a lot of confusing terminology in the business intelligence and enterprise search arena and a lot of discussion about Microsoft’s latest offerings.  In this session we will discuss: Performance Monitoring to show what is happening in the business (MOPPS), Analysis to deliver insight into why, how and when these things are happening (MOPPS), Planning to improve what is happening in future (MOPPS), Planning enterprise search deployments (Search), Securing searchable assets (Search) and Learning to generate relevant search results in your org (Search).  We will then have a look at what is happening under the covers to understand what dependencies there are for components of Office, SQL server etc. to allow IT professionals to implement and support and extend it.  The session will be demo-oriented showing real world methodology and configuration steps.  Finally, we will show how customers can get involved in Microsoft pilot programs.  Detailed licensing information will be available at the event.  We’ll reserve you an entire seat, but you’ll only need the edge!"

How can you register for the different dates, and when and where are they?  Here!

So, make sure you get registered early to avoid disappointment!  There's also a licensing session too:

"Again back by popular demand! Jackie Elleker scored some of the best presenter scores with these events previously! Attend this course to understand Microsoft Licensing and how best to apply it in your company to fit in with your business needs. This session is aimed at IT professionals who wish to gain a better understanding of Microsoft’s software licensing. The briefing assumes no previous or in-depth technical licensing experience."

21st November, Reading


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